It’s more important to show up than do a good job

It’s more important to show up than do a good job Featured Image

Showing up is enough.

It was always enough.
It was we who told ourselves that it wasn’t good enough.
And decided to place conditions on our presence.

“It has to be perfect.”
“It has to be done right.”
“It has to look good.”
“Otherwise, what will other people think!”


“Don’t let your dreams ruin your life.”
As Cheryl Strayed so wisely said.

It’s great to aim high, to have goals and aspirations
To want to be a great mum,
A strong athlete,
An accomplished career woman,
A good sibling,
The absolute best at something
A master at your craft

But in this age of forever aiming high and forever striving to produce the best results
We are always living in the future future future.
And we never land
In ourselves. As we are.

So OK, have your dreams, have the image of who you aspire to be.
But don’t forget to reckon with
Who you ARE.
Remember your humility.

When you feel that, you might realize
That it’s heavy to carry around
The burden of perfection,
The doing it right all the time,
The looking effortless all the time,
The polished performance all the time,
The way it’s supposed to be done all the time.

And that really, in fact,
Showing up is enough.