Food and Consciousness: A beautiful doorway

Food and Consciousness: A beautiful doorway Featured Image

Food and diet takes up a lot of airtime in our society.

Unless you live in a cave high in the mountains, there’s just no avoiding the messages that are sprayed in the airwaves, in the water, over your house and solidified by your friends, family, co-workers, and strangers.

“Eat like this to be lean and attractive”, “Eat this super food so you can be super-you”, “Don’t listen to those crazy hippies telling you to eat organic food”, “Coffee is life’s elixir / coffee is worse than cocaine”. I could list many many more.

But why do we even care?

Why do so many people tune in to this frequency only to find themselves glazed and confused a few seconds later?

I’m going to make a bold and possibly un-PC assertion that people care about all this because they ultimately just don’t wanna get fat. Or they ultimately just want to lose some weight, or gain some muscle, or have visible abs.

No matter how politely you say it: it’s all about mostly about physical appearance.

Before you think “Oh no! Another sermon on how shallow and superficial humans are”, don’t worry, that’s not where I’m going!

What I’m actually thinking is: “Great! You want to improve your physical self through tweaking your diet. Exciting times ahead, because you’re going to get more than what you signed up for!… IF you do this consciously.”

Long story short: becoming more conscious of what you eat (even if it is for a superficial reason at first) will slowly but surely lift your overall consciousness and then become a greater reward than you ever imagined. But only if you are conscious in the process.

Doesn’t make sense? What’s that great reward? I hope I have your full attention. And patience.

It starts with the soul…

On a soul level, every one of us wants to get better and improve.

To fulfil our purpose or calling in life, to grow wiser, stronger, more resilient, the soul is always asking us to evolve and grow. (if you don’t believe we have a soul then just believe it for a second. Try it on, if you don’t like it, take it off after.)

I’m going to posit that our physical bodies are our soul’s chance to be here.

You may not like your body and you might want to change parts of it, but just accept for a moment that this beautiful miraculous vessel is where your soul lives in. (And when I say miraculous I truly mean it. Anyone who’s studied biology, biochemistry or any health sciences will probably appreciate that the body is pretty darn amazing in all the functions it performs without your conscious awareness. If we had to consciously keep track of all our bodily functions like cellular respiration, electrolyte balance, pH levels, neural transmissions, endocrine signalling, digestion, elimination… we would completely explode).

So, if you want to improve your body, even if it’s only for superficial reasons, at some level it’s connected to the soul’s evolution and growth even if you don’t know that at first.

(In fact, most likely you won’t know that at first)

But. This desire to “improve” the body has gone wrong many times

Our true intention to elevate our soul often gets hijacked by fears of not being “good enough”, of rejection, of not being accepted or “fitting in”. Our higher goal gets reduced into fear-driven attacks on our body because somewhere along the way we unconsciously picked up false beliefs. False beliefs like:

  • If your body is fat then you’re a failure and disgrace
  • Unless your body looks like this you will not be accepted
  • “I have to control my body (or life) otherwise I won’t be happy”.

It is these false beliefs that deviates us from our true goal of elevating the soul, and instead has us lost in the woods, unconsciously attacking our own body.

These false beliefs take hold so strongly that over time it causes us to disembody – meaning – we cast our bodies aside because we don’t accept it, don’t trust it, don’t like it, or want a different and “better” body. When you push your body away it becomes easy to neglect it, dislike it, shame on it, and blame it for all your problems. When you treat the body like a different entity that needs to be controlled or overpowered, you disconnect from your very being.

If you’re alive on earth, your body is your home.

Love your home unconditionally.


Many people “motivate” themselves with the fear of gaining weight or the fear of not being accepted unless they’re thin (or muscular, or have abs, or *fill in the blank*). They tell themselves that “Once I’m thin, I can love my body and be happy.”

From the outside, it looks like they’re eating healthy and doing everything right. But on the inside, they’re deeply unhappy and chronically living in fear of food, eating and life. If people only do things out of fear or dislike for their body, then whatever physical change they do achieve will not make them happy or accept their body. Guaranteed. Unless you can connect with your body now, accept it now, and really live in the body (not just in your head) now, you will not feel happy or complete whatever you do from the outside.

And all this can happen because we unconsciously picked up some false beliefs.

Unconsciously meaning: we didn’t question why we followed a diet, adopted a belief or changed our ways. We just blindly did it without thinking about it or perhaps because other people were doing it.

We didn’t ask ourselves:

  • “Why might this food be good for me?”
  • “Why do I have to eat toast or cereal for breakfast?”
  • “Why is it so important to have visible abs?”
  • “Why is it not OK to be my shape and size?”
  • “Why do I need that volumizing mascara? What’s wrong with my eyelashes as they are?
  • “Why must I work in a job I dislike just to make lots of money? What do I need the money for?”

Trust me, if we asked these questions, we would not be (figuratively and literally) trying to diet the life out of ourselves just to fit into a dress, we would’ve just bought a dress that was actually the right size.

Consciousness gives you back your freedom

Consciously making a choice means being awake, paying attention, and then actually choosing it.

You have to think about it, sometimes try it, listen to your own feedback, listen to others when that’s needed, then choose what you truly want wholeheartedly.

Consciousness is the difference between you doing the choosing and you just doing out of fear or confusion.

If you pay attention along the way, not get sidetracked by illusory short-cuts promising something easier and stay loyal to your true goal, it will only be a matter of time before your whole consciousness starts to shift and you begin to see a vast horizon beyond what is immediately in front of you.

Take the example of consciously choosing to eat healthy real food. What you used to see as just food going into your mouth, you begin to make distinctions on how different things taste and whether you enjoy it or not. As you get more interested you might ask more questions about the food: Where was it grown? Who grew it? How was it prepared? How long has this been sitting here – a day, 6 months? That ingredient with numbers in it – is that natural to our food chain? These eggs are free-range – what does that mean for the chickens? This packaging is compostable – what does that mean for the earth?

Pretty soon the connections grow and your perspective becomes wider as you see beyond just the food in front of you.

  • You begin to see all the other people, animals, ecosystems and communities that are connected with the food.
  • You can’t physically see all those things, but now you’re aware that they all play a part and are all connected to the food in front of you.

In other words your consciousness has expanded beyond the merely physical.

You are now seeing new dimensions that you were previously unaware of. How cool is that?

When consciousness expands in one area it will only be a matter of time before it spreads to other areas of your life.

To jump ahead a little I’m going to say that it will hit you like a lightning bolt when you apply that to yourself.

  • What do you see when it comes to yourself?
  • Do you just see your physical body?
  • Do you see your emotional being? Your mental being? Your soul? Your own divinity?

Do you realize that by only focusing on the physical level when it comes to food, nutrition, exercise, health – you are only working from the smallest level of consciousness?

Can you imagine the vast potential you can tap into when you expand and deepen your consciousness to those other levels?

That’s the huge reward I’m talking about.

When you have a big consciousness you can see the bigger picture.
It’s like you’ve climbed up the tallest tree in the woods and you can now see the whole forest.

When you were lost in the woods, it’s because you couldn’t see past what was directly in front of you. By the way, this is what the food and diet industries do: keep your consciousness small. Distracting you from every angle so you cannot see anything else other than what’s in front of you.

When your consciousness is kept small, by definition you don’t see the consequences of your actions beyond what you immediately see and touch. Is it really any surprise that most of us are blissfully ignorant of the impact we’re making on our Planet? Climate change is always framed as an “environmental problem”, but I think ultimately it’s a consciousness problem (sorry to rant! I’ll save that for another day).

These industries also exploit your primal instant gratification instincts for profit. “Eat this and lose weight in 7 days”, “Drink this powder and you’ll build muscle FAST”. Instant gratification is an extremely powerful tool and it’s no surprise that it will capture the masses, including humble and honest people.

If everyone else is doing it, then it’s easy for us to just follow suit and not ask any questions. But this is the most important time to ask questions.

Look at where the food pyramid got us because we didn’t ask questions!

If we stop questioning why we do things in favour of just following “everyone else”, we may as well be asleep.

Making conscious decisions and actively using our Choosing muscle is paramount for survival and evolution. If not, we get lost in the woods and don’t get anywhere even though we think we’re so busy running around.

Phew… What a long way to say food choices are a beautiful doorway to gaining consciousness!

Food can be the way to the tallest tree in the jungle

You just need to decide if you want to see the whole forest.

If you do, make sure you’re not half asleep when you’re climbing!