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Autumn Landing Retreat

Autumn Landing Retreat Featured Image

Mel will take you through Vinyasa flow class and Yin classes designed to help you feel grounded and deeply connected with your body. I will take you through a mindful eating workshop aimed at cultivating awareness of your habits around food, and give you practical strategies that will bring more joy and ease into eating

Things I didn’t tell you about my eating disorder

Things I didn’t tell you about my eating disorder Featured Image

Sometimes talk is cheap. Sometimes talk is exactly what is needed. A secret that you’ve carried for a long time, can start to weigh you down, tear you down at the edges. Because there’s so much shame surrounding it, so few willing or able to listen to it. “It must just be me. I wish

Nourish Yourself Retreat

Nourish Yourself Retreat Featured Image

Dedicate a day to your whole fantastic self. Gain clarity and focus, practice yoga, workshop Eating Psychology, whole food nutrition. All by the seaside.

You, me, and Emotional Eating (Part 2 of 2)

You, me, and Emotional Eating (Part 2 of 2) Featured Image

And now… The juicy part. If you haven’t read Part 1 go ahead and read that first. Remember: Step 1 tells us to not see emotional eating as a bad thing. All eating is emotional, it’s wired into our DNA. Emotions are not terrible and we do not want to get rid of our emotions.

You, me, and Emotional Eating (Part 1 of 2)

You, me, and Emotional Eating (Part 1 of 2) Featured Image

Hands up if you think emotional eating is when you eat a big bag of chips, sweets, or cookies – not because you were really hungry, but because you felt uneasy, uncomfortable, or anxious somewhere inside, and food provided some comfort or temporary stress-relief.

Confessions of a healthy eater

Confessions of a healthy eater Featured Image

What happens if you put me and some tiramisu in the same room? I would eat with all the pleasure in the world of course! Maybe you’re judging me… “Aren’t you supposed to be a health coach? You of all people should know that sugar is bad!” Well let me tell you a story: a

You are what you think

You are what you think Featured Image

This is a *Guest Post* for my friend and amazing woman Sonja Gardiner at www.sonjagardinernutrition.com. Be sure to check out her website and connect with her, she’s got awesome tips and a whole lotta wisdom to share with us all! (this post is republished on Body Meets Mind to help spread the love xx)